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The World and Democracy

Published: March 17, 2009

By Smith Georges

New York - During my recent interview with Dr. Osner Fevry on March 13, 2009, Mr. Fevry, a prominent Haitian Lawyer and Law professor, confessed that he was a key witness and he attended three seminars organized by the Republican party in Santo Domingo prior to the 2004 coup that toppled former Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. A coup that Pres. Aristide called himself a modern day kidnapping. Mr. Fevry also talked about money given out by the Republican Party to the opposition.

When asked about his profession, he replied "Yes, I am teaching communication and Law, Sociology and Mass Media and right now I have a class of International Criminal Laws at the State University, When asked how would he describe himself, he replied He is a journalist, a Christian, an Evangelical Christian. I try sometimes to establish a kind of parallel between Barack Obama and myself with the kind of humble arrogance."

Describing the current condition in Haiti, Fevry had this to say "In term of social and economic change, no, not at all , the young people begin to believe that they dont have any future in Haiti, thats what they call, unfortunately, in French desesperance. Its not the period where the young people can say that we hope that something will change; quite the contrary because people who are acting as leaders at the head of the country are not inspirational. They are not inspirational for the young people."

There is a crisis there. There is one political party, the Lavalas party was excluded from the process. What can you say about that? "What I can say about that as a an intellectual middle class university professor, I am against all exclusion," replied Mr. Fevry.

I mean representing as a lawyer. That's what I mean. Mr. Fevry replied "I am a lawyer, no. I have given so many interviews on TV, on radio regarding this case of Lavalas, it won't be ethical for me right now to take the side for the CEP or for the Lavalas. I think I must maintain my position of giving advices or taking position on radio and television by neutral comments not by partisan action."

In reference to Stanley Lucas, Mr. Fevry reflected "It's unfortunate that Mr. Lucas who had a lot of good potentials didnt use his credit and the money that was given to him during the period of 2000-2004 to promote leadership among the political parties in Haiti but instead was using this money to promote his own image with his own little circle of friends."

He continued "Unfortunately Mr. Lucas from Washington supported by the Boulos family and the Apaid family. Unfortunately he's using the American soil, the American territory to invade the net with false propaganda . Sometimes bad news, black news regarding people in Haiti and people in the diaspora. Dont forget Jesse Helms was very close to him. A lot of money was given by IRI, the International Republican Institute. You know, Let me explain this. I was the representative for Gerard Gourgue, who was the virtual president during the Aristide era. I was the lawyer for the convergence, but I once asked to Mr. Luigi Einaudi who was the mediator for the OAS to discuss between Lavalas, the convergence, and the international community. And I said that Mr. Luigi Einaudi, I heard that the opposition received a lot of money from the Republican party, and Mr. Aristide had even said $20 million. He said OK Mr. Fevry, next time I will be in Haiti, I will give you a report regarding this money whether they have received money or not. On the next trip Mr. Luigi Einaudi confirmed before witnesses, yes, there were money sent to the opposition and - Mr. Lucas was part of the network for this money fueling from Washington and from elsewhere to Haiti and sometimes via Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic."

"I participated in the meetings that the IRI and Lucas organized in the Dominican Republic. I participated in three meetings and I discovered at that time it was meetings on leadership, on how to treat political leaders to organize elections. There was nothing secret during those kinds of training seminars. Mr. Guy Philippe, Lucas and the other people had not decided on secret thing, secret agenda, but I can testify as a key witness, as one of the actors that I was in three of those seminars organized by the Republican party in Santo Domingo. But, Mr. Luigi Einaudi told me, a matter of fact, yes, there was money given to those kind of activities. Was it given to organize a coup? I dont know. Was it given to Mr. Lucas to form a plot? I dont know. I am glad to hear that actually the US Congress will be forming a kind of task force, a kind of investigative force unit - I dont know - to see for the coup what happened in 2004. Exactly to find out what happened who were the main actors and what was the main agenda for that," said Mr. Fevry.