samedi 19 février 2011


On February 18, 2011, members of Fanmi Lavalas in Haiti and in the Diaspora took to the streets to demand the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti.

Clear signals have been sent to demonstrate that the will of the people will not be ignored in the imbroglio created by the International communities. President Aristide has to be on Haitian soil for the interest of the people to be properly defended.

Foreign policies of the United States with regard to Haiti have to clearly been defined and Haitians can no longer be at the mercy of the international communities with dubious strategies which contribute to the worsening of the situation on the ground there.

The signals received from the Obama administration are indicative that the Bush era politics of interference in the internal affairs of Haiti is still in place—even though President Obama pledged to respect the rights of every sovereign nation. It is imperative that WE as Haitians determine our future in spite of difficulties.

The people present in unison chanted:

No Aristide, no peace

Aristide is our President

No Aristide, no second round

Aristide must return

Long live the return of Aristide

Haiti for Aristide

We Want Aristide

Titid, the Haitian People welcome you back to Haiti

To understand the people’s love for the charismatic leader is to speak to people in person so that they can individually explain what Aristide means to them.

One of the participants in Miami stated “I love Aristide because since I was little I did not have a mother and father; I knew how difficult it was for me. When I see Titid taking care of the poor and the children I feel as if he were taking care of me. He gave hope to the masses living in difficult times; there is not enough money on earth to express the value of his contributions to our people. For that, I am eternally indebted to him”.

Aristide, a man of Charisma and a revered Politician:

Under his leadership, even with a dismal budget estimated then at 13 billion gourdes compared to 110 billion budget of the actual government: President Aristide was able to make needed reforms and provide services to the impoverished masses.

10 commandments for a more equitable Haiti

1) The return of Dr. Aristide to Haiti: welcome back president Jean Bertrand Aristide to Haiti

2) Respect of the concept of one man/woman one vote for all in Haiti and around the world

3) Elimination of the botched elections of November 28, 2010

4) Real construction for Haiti: we have 9 other departments where road construction can start right now (at least 5,000.00 miles of roads, gutters, connectors, bridges etc).

5) Start building now electrical grid to supply the other 9 departments in Haiti (at least to supply 1,500.00 MGW

6) Potable water for all to curtail United Nation- imported cholera to Haiti (at least 10 water mains)

7) Road construction connecting all departments including roads to connect local communities

8) Fixed phone line system to supply fixed lines to the country (at least 1 million)

9) Mechanized agriculture, access to credit now

10) More access to education, building at least one university in every department with 10,000-student capacity.

Yes we can and we must see change in Haiti

We voted President Obama for change. How long must Haitians wait to see some change promoted by you extended to Haiti?

Under your leadership, the UN manipulated elections in Haiti, hung Haitians in their barracks, spread cholera to Haitians by contaminating the rivers in Haiti and meddled in our internal affairs. Your administration has not exhibited clear directives for Haiti.

We love you president Obama, but you must love us back.

President Aristide is the only Haitian politician with the mettle necessary to take Haiti from an impoverished nation to a nation living in poverty with dignity and to a developed nation.

The day ended with the famous slogan of Fanmi Lavalas

Divided we fall, together we strong, in unity we are stronger (yon sèl nou fèb, ansanm nou fò ansanm ansanm nou se Lavalas)

"Yon sèl nou fèb, ansanm nou fò, ansanm, ansanm nou se Lavalas"
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